The Fitness League UK (now FLexercise) turns 90 years old in 2020

Oct 31, 2019 | Teacher's Corner

As a celebration, FLexercise will be hosting a weekend celebration in the beautiful city of BATH in the UK where they will host a day of classes, an afternoon show and an evening dinner. The date of the event is the 28 March 2020. 


We are keen for as many of our members as possible to join a team to the UK to participate in the celebrations.  This team will be headed up by Caroline Bisset, Gida Sancho and Alison Lund.  Please contact them (numbers below) if you have any interest in attending.

Letter from Margaret Peggie (head of FLexercise in the UK) inviting our group to the event:

“We’re all set go now for the 90th Anniversary Celebrations on 28th March 2020 in Bath.  There will be two venues, the Forum Theatre for the Show and the Apex Hotel for a Dinner in the evening.  There will also be classes at both venues during the day.  The Forum Theatre is a wonderful old cinema built in the 1930s, so very appropriate with beautifully refurbished 30’s detail.  By contrast the Apex Hotel is a new, modern hotel, so together they span the life of WLHB (and are close to each other).  Bath is a lovely city, easily accessible by train from London and has a good selection of hotels.

We are hoping to make the show different this time by having a mix of items, speakers and film.  The basic theme will be Mrs Bagot Stack’s Vision from which we would like to draw specific ideas for the items:

  • Elements of her body training system (flexibility, core strength, stamina etc)
  • Grace and expression through movement
  • Mothers and daughters
  • Friendship
  • Women pioneers
  • Confident, independent women
  • Music (from Swing to Rock!)


South Africa will fit beautifully, of course, into the women pioneer’s strand. So, you can perform anything you like and one of you will be asked to introduce the item with a bit of the story behind the arrival of the League in SA.

The show will be on a stage (approx. 8.5m deep x 17m wide though narrows at back and front to 12.5m) with proscenium arch.  The maximum recommended number in a team would be 20 (though depends on the item).  Each item should be 5 minutes long (give or take a minute or two either way and as you’re coming so far you can have longer)”

If anyone is interested in joining this Cape Town group, rehearsals are underway, just contact the organisational team.

Caroline Bisset 0827131029

Gida Sancho 0835005239

Alison Lund 0833086677

(Cally Richardson)