“To rest is to rust – physical activity is absolutely essential for every human being, irrespective of age. Physical activity keeps blood pressure within normal limits, it maintains muscles, ligaments and joints in a fit condition. It prevents bone thinning and heart and lungs are kept in optimal condition.”

Dr J. Bernard Walsh, Consultant Physician, Dept of Medicine for the Elderly, St James’ Hospital Dublin

Extend Group Class Mixed


Established in 1976, EXTEND Exercise has roots in exercise, health, movement and dance. Participants are encouraged to ‘keep fit’ because they know the benefits of exercise. EXTEND Exercise offers a fun opportunity to meet people; it is stimulating; and it encourages a sense of well-being, personal satisfaction and achievement.

The work of EXTEND Exercise delivers useful and vital service to older people and those less able of any age. The benefits bestowed on their groups by EXTEND trained teachers are clear from the physical, social and even mental advances among their members.

To find out more information for your area, call:

Cape Town:                 Manuela Watson                     021 715 1279 or 084 702 3243

Gauteng:                     Judy von Gruenewaldt:           012 469 5945 or 082 809 3901

Kwazulu Natal:           Helen Skinner                         082 330 1068