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Mainly exercise, part dance. FLexercise classes teach rhythmic movement to music to energise and strengthen the whole body. Classes are fun and varied and include exercises to strengthen abdominals.


We offer enjoyable, safe exercise to all age groups. Our main goal is to encourage women of all ages to remain active. With centres in Cape Town, George, Pretoria and Johannesburg, we have a class to suit you.


In 1930 Mary Bagot Stack created the Women’s League of Health & Beauty.
Her vision was of “a league of women who will renew their energy in themselves and for themselves day by day”.


We are about


Fun, Flexible, Fitness


a Strong Sense of community


a tried and tested formula to improve your health and wellness

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Teachers Corner

My Portuguese Camino

My Portuguese Camino

Why keep on exercising and working on strength and stamina? So that we can grow old gracefully and enjoy interesting and exciting holidays of course! Last year (September 2022) I got to walk part of...

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Four Exercises for the Holidays

Four Exercises for the Holidays

These four exercises will be familiar to you from your classes during the year. Read them through carefully before starting and try to do them regularly to keep mobile during the upcoming holidays....

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Our Bodies

Our Bodies

There are times when we take our bodies and our health for granted, getting on with life (and sometimes trying to avoid medical costs) and acting as if we have superhuman powers and with a “if we...

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Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in full swing- that means it’s time to clean! Spring cleaning can play an important role in your mental and physical health, making you feel a sense of renewal. The flowers are blooming,...

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Member Testimonials

FLexercise gave me the opportunity to let my inner child free! And I’m 71 years old 🙂 It helps to forget the troubles of life. For one hour I can be free and I be ME!
Frances Morrison

Gida is the best teacher one could ask for. Her classes are well constructed, the music is fabulous and they are fun. 

She has a great energy and puts a huge amount into every class she gives us. 

Penny Dobbie

Anne gives a wonderful class each week with a mixture of stretching exercises that take care of the body as a whole and to great music. 

I feel fabulous after our classes and always look forward to the next class. 



FLexercise South Africa

1 week 12 hours ago

It's Mandela Day on Thursday and this year at FLexercise we are all about supporting communities in need 💜 As is has been EXTRA cold this winter, it's time to think about those who might not have access to basic necessities including a warm meal or roof over their head.

@ladlesoflove have an amazing initiative that we would love to support this Mandela Day. Amongst other initiatives, Ladles of Love create nourishing meals for those in need. To find out more about them, go check out their website at

How can you help? Please bring tins of pilchards, beans and veggies to class next week and we will deliver them to Ladles of Love.

Tins will be collected from Monday 15th until Friday 19th July 🥫

Let’s try to support communities in need this winter. Come on ladies!


FLexercise South Africa

1 week 2 days ago

Rain or shine, keep moving Cape Town! 🌧️💪 A storm doesn't mean you need to put the tackies away. Join us indoors for a fun and effective workout.

Here are 3 tips to stay active indoors:

1️⃣ Try a home workout video with FLexercise and use household items as weights
2️⃣ Practice yoga or stretching routines whilst watching your favourite series
3️⃣ Dance to your favourite tunes

Stay active and keep the energy high!

#FLexercise #CapeTownStorm #IndoorWorkouts #StayActive

FLexercise South Africa

2 weeks 3 days ago

FLexercise South Africa

2 weeks 3 days ago

Not only flexible, our FLexercise teachers are versatile too! Here are some hikers doing a FLexercise stretch class on the Wild Coast! With such amazing views it’s easy to exercise 😊
At Mboyti River Lodge and Ntafufu Eco Lodge.

FLexercise South Africa

3 weeks 2 days ago

Cooler weather is no reason to stay indoors! Here are some gentle, enjoyable activities perfect for the South African winter:

🍂 Power Walking: A brisk walk can be just as effective to keep your heart rate up.
🍂 Trail Running/Walking: The crisp air makes for a good trail.
🍂 Indoor Swimming: Dive into warm waters with low-impact swimming that’s easy on the joints.
🍂 FLexercise Class: a warm aerobics class indoors is a great way to keep active this winter!

Don’t let the chill slow you down—embrace the season with us!