New Programme, New Choreography, New Music…

Nov 4, 2019 | Teacher's Corner

Much thought and planning is required to keep your classes interesting, effective and enjoyable and so much depends on the music chosen: Be Bold and Break Out – try some different music out of your comfort zone.

The Soweto String Quartet fused African Township music with a classical influence.
“Township Kwela” played on two violins, a viola and a cello, instead of penny whistles, will make even the most non-musical person tap her feet. The explosive rhythm expressed by these four gentlemen, immaculately clad in white suits, is ideal for getting the heart pumping and for working up a sweat.

Shalati Joseph Khosa (Dr SJ Khosa) has composed an abundant array of culture based folk songs and songs about nature and animals, eg “Look at the Birds”, “The Elephant”, “The Zebra” and “The Vultures”.
His compositions such as “Giyani” (song of Jubilation) and HoyaHoya (a warm welcoming song) also have great rhythm and are ideal for a variety of movements. His orchestral music is inspirational and “feel good” and certainly worth using for a change.

(Maureen Dalglish)

Take a listen so some Soweto String Quartet for a little bit of Monday Motivation.