In April 2017 Cally Richardson and Caroline Bisset, both teachers from Cape Town, attended the Torquay Teacher’s Refresher course. This course is held annually in England as a way of updating teachers with new exercise related information.  Not only does it serve to give the teachers new ideas to incorporate into their classes, but it also brings the community of teachers together who are spread far and wide across the United Kingdom.

The course was held over a weekend at the Victoria Hotel on the beach front in Torquay and 80 teachers from all over England, Scotland and Wales attended.

The course was diverse with two sessions running concurrently in the beautiful ballrooms of the Hotel.  Content included ‘Good technique’, How to be a great teacher’, ‘Posture – principles of posture and core’, ‘practical sessions on music’, ‘Clubs’, ‘how to put the Bagot Stack principles into practice’ and more!

The sessions were interspersed with ‘General classes’ which were wonderful for all to experience.  A very popular session was run by Charlotte Bly who introduced the teachers to ‘FITSTEPS’ – an off-shoot of the TV series, ‘Strictly come Dancing’.  It was a class inspired by ballroom and latin american dance moves using; cha-cha-cha-, quickstep, waltz, charleston, tango, jive, american smooth, salsa and many more!  It was enjoyed by all and kept the brain (and the body) working throughout.

Cally taught 2 sessions at the course which were extremely well received by all who attended. She thoroughly enjoyed sharing her choreography, music choices and floor work technique.  Caroline, after having been off teaching for 18 months, loved the new ideas, new music and meeting all the UK teachers.

It was a wonderful experience for both Cally and Caroline. They would love to attend again …

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Cally Richardson and Caroline Bisset