As we age we tend to pay more and more attention to our health – what we eat, what vitamins we should take, how much sleep we should be having and what exercises we should be doing – all this to keep ourselves fit and well. One way, of course, is to join the Fitness League – gym a couple of hours a week, maybe even a game of tennis or a walk?


But one of the most important ingredients we may be overlooking – is our “Interest and Enthusiasm” for life…This factor needs to be cultivated and nurtured – we must never allow our world and our interest in the world to diminish as we age…Like everything that is worthwhile, time and effort are required. We must rather look outside of ourselves….

How can we enhance and better (even in a tiny way) the lives of those around us? Not only family members, but lonely friends, sad neighbours and our domestic staff.

Money won’t necessarily bring happiness to someone else, but a cheerful phone call could brighten up a person’s day. An invitation to a friend to come to our house for coffee and a sandwich (keep it simple so as not to embarrass them and make them reluctant to return the invitation).

Suggest to a few friends that you take a walk together or go “Window Shopping”. Know what the latest fashion trends are even though you have no intention of following them.

Attend the swimming gala at the school or watch the ballet class – your grandchildren would be so thrilled to know that you care.

Why not drive along the side streets of your suburb on a route that you would never normally take? Really look at what people are planting in their gardens or pavements.

It is amazing what we would learn about the world around us if only we were interested and retained our enthusiasm for life!

Maureen Dalglish