Fit Family Fun in Lockdown

Aug 17, 2020 | Teacher's Corner

Over the past 20-something years, the Fitness League classes and family have contributed significantly to my overall health and wellbeing. Training as both an Extend and Active Seniors teacher has challenged and grown me. Teaching the classes brings me much joy and fulfilment. 

Lockdown - Fit Family Fun

But then Covid-19 arrived, lockdown happened and we have had to find a new rhythm. My Fitness League family is now 8 of us – three generations – age 7 to 64. When the weather is fine we gather outside on the lawn every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. If a Cape storm hits, we move into the kitchen.

During the initial stages of lockdown we got our cardio workout by walking/ jogging around inside the perimeter of our garden and heading up and down the stairs inside to get in some “hill” training.

Now that we are allowed to exercise beyond our gate, we cycle and walk around the neighbourhood, along the various green belts and on the mountain. But the joy, fun and laughter continues in the garden/kitchen as we work at staying strong, toned, flexible and stretched.

The grandchildren and adults have all discovered muscles they never knew they had. They all enjoy the variety of music and spontaneously sing along, not only during the workouts but long afterwards. Their favourites are often requested. They not only have music favourites but exercises and dance medleys too. On occasion we take off round the garden at “follow the leader”. The “Birdy song” is a great hit and with our grandsons into Minecraft I’ve included “I’m gonna take my horse to the cave down low”, a spoof on “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. I’m working on “Jerusalema” by MasterKG, a South African hit and dance challenge which has gone viral.

We’ve worked out with a variety of apparatus – balls, bands, beanbags, pool noodles and hoops – standing, with and on chairs and on towels on the grass. Bands are a challenge they appreciate and when the noodles and hoops come out there is much goofing around. Stretching at the end always goes down well.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate is the versatility of the Fitness League workouts. No matter the time, place and circumstances, just gather friends and family, throw in some music and movement and you have a wonderful recipe for fun and fitness.

Stay safe and keep moving.

 (Brenda Ramsay)

Fit Family Fun