The Fitness League is Not Just About Fitness

Dec 13, 2018 | Teacher's Corner

On Monday, 27 August 2018, the Menlo Park centre, which meets at the Vryburger Hall in Menlo Park, Pretoria, on Monday and Thursday evenings at 17h00 enjoyed a very sociable soup and wine function after class to celebrate the end of winter. Our members first participated in a class before relaxing and enjoying the evening.

The hall where we exercise is small, but has the advantage that there is a lovely outside entertainment area under roof with a boma where we are able to hold functions, two or three times a year, after class. Due to limitation of space we are unable to accommodate more than 12 participants in a session, but the advantage is that instructors are able to give more personal attention to individual members during class. Our members come from various backgrounds: some have been League members for more than 40 years while others have joined this year.

Marielienne, one of the two instructors at the centre, gave a very varied and interesting class finishing off with a fun cool down focussing on breath control using balloons !!

After the class we sat around a table by the fire in the boma enjoying our soup and wine and catching up with everyone’s news. This is truly an experience of fun and friendship as well as fitness! What more can one ask from an exercise organisation?

(Joy Singleton & Marielienne Janeke)

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