Stories to Inspire – Our Fitness League Super-Heroes

Apr 6, 2022 | Teacher's Corner

Fitness League is about so much more than exercise. It’s about the people who come every week and encourage and inspire each other. Friendships are formed and teachers grow very fond of each woman they teach.

Celebrating our Active Seniors

I am she whose privilege and joy it is to teach the Pinelands Friday Seniors’ Class. I call it my “Friday Island of Joy.” Our ages range from 50’s – 90’s, with some who have been League members for 40 years or more. We start with mat work for those who want and then move on to warmup and conditioning exercises with a bit of dance thrown in.

I asked Ms C. if I could write about her for our website – “Hell should freeze over first!” was her decisive reply. Age 91, she has no time for stuff like interviews. She’d rather jump on a tour bus with a friend and explore the country. Then there is Mrs S. queen of the cheese scone. Bring her some cheese and butter and she’ll bring cheese scones the following week. Light, fluffy and delicious. Mrs J. hands out sweeties after class. I’m the teacher so I get three!


Many of our members live in Retirement Villages and lockdown has been hard and lonely. Our classes, filled with music and movement, are the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom that can easily overtake us. The women who come to class are determined to live well and to live abundantly. Life is uncertain, life is hard, but these girls are not giving in or giving up. A little bit of angina, a little bit of emphysema, a knee replacement or a hip replacement – we can still move, and as our logo says, “Movement is Life”.

We celebrated the year end with a fabulous tea party generously hosted at the beautiful home of one of our younger members. Thank you Annelise!

It was the perfect opportunity to honour these inspiring women. 

(Andy Frieslaar)