Our Bodies

Mar 15, 2023 | Teacher's Corner

There are times when we take our bodies and our health for granted, getting on with life (and sometimes trying to avoid medical costs) and acting as if we have superhuman powers and with a “if we ignore it, it will go away” attitude.

None of us is invincible and, as our health starts to wear down with age, we may start to notice pain or discomfort that we didn’t before.

Some of us live a long, healthy life without any ailments or niggly aches and pains, but most of us tend to become more physically vulnerable as time goes on. A weak knee may devolve from needing a brace to needing minor surgery, and serious injuries or illnesses can require more extensive treatment and support.

There are awareness campaigns for cancer and chronic illnesses and it could be a great time to review how we protect our bodies, ranging from our medical cover and mindful eating to healthy exercise and fulfilling relationships.

We need to protect and value our bodies, just as we would any other asset. One way of caring for ourselves and our precious body is to keep it maintained as one would with any working machinery. Fitness League classes are an excellent way of doing this. You will be asked to fill in a health form before you join and start exercising so that the teacher knows of any injuries or weak spots. Don’t be complacent when it comes to your body — you only have one. Keep moving!

Exercise Makes You Feel Happier, Eat Better, and Live With Purpose

(Marguerite Swan)