Loving Fitness League

May 4, 2020 | Teacher's Corner

I’m Andy Frieslaar and I’ve been a Fitness League teacher for a year and a half!
I joined the League about 6 years ago and discovered a way of exercising that I absolutely loved and a community of wonderful women. Getting to class twice a week became a priority, not a chore. The teachers took time to get to know me and encourage me. People noticed if I missed a class.

Here’s what I like about us;
We meet in church or community halls – wooden floors, fresh air and lots of character – no recycled air, no soulless gym, no scary gym bunnies. I love dancing and our exercises are choreographed to the music so I feel like I’m dancing even if I’m doing squats or lunges. We do a bit of everything, warm up, cardio, aerobics, toning and floor work.

Over the years, physiotherapists have prescribed a number of exercises for my various aches and pains. I confess I am rather non-compliant about doing those at home. That’s where Fitness League floor work saves the day! A teacher makes me do all those exercises, with music! Turns out the physios were right as I have become so much stronger and have a marked decrease in headaches.

I leaped at the opportunity to train as teacher and found myself studying anatomy and the tricks involved in structuring a class. A huge bonus was getting to practise my routines at various centres around Cape Town and getting to know all the other teachers and members.

“How old are you dear?” asked two ladies in Fish Hoek.
“I’m 51,” I replied, feeling quite mature.
“We’re 92.” And they laughed uproariously.

 The Fitness League Tribe is pretty tough and age is no barrier. Our exercises and routines are adaptable so we can keep working out even if we’re 92!

I now teach five classes a week and each class leaves me feeling energised. I love seeing women gaining strength, co-ordination and confidence.  I love watching relationships develop as members encourage each other and welcome new people. I’m so excited that Vicki, whose ankle gives her lots of grief, can now balance on that foot and can get herself from the floor to standing, unaided. Barbs has had radical mastectomy surgery but can now reach up. Her wrists have also developed mobility and strength.

And the best of course – flatter tummies – which we all want. I see it happening! 

A physiotherapist once asked “What is the best sort of exercise?”

 The answer, exercise you enjoy doing. And that’s why I’m a Fitness League fan – exercise I enjoy doing!

(Andy Frieselaar)