In Celebration of Women’s Month

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Teacher's Corner

In South Africa, the 9th August is Women’s Day and the month of August is celebrated as National Women’s Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and the role women of all races and religions  play in South African Society.

On 9th august 1956 more than 20,000 women from all walks of life united in a mass demonstration – they marched to the union buildings in Pretoria to protest the unjust pass laws enforced on women by Apartheid . The march was led by lilian ngoyi – a trade unionist and political activist , Helen Joseph , Albertina Sisulu and Sophia Williams de Bruyn. Now in the new South Africa , free of Apartheid , the focus has changed. Women’s day now is more about creating an awareness of domestic violence and the abuse of women and children which we all know is rife in our society today.

So let us acknowledge the importance of Women’s month and celebrate the contribution made by so many women in our society. Just think of women like Emily Pankhurst , Mother Theresa , Florence Nightingale , Marie Curie , Ann Frank , Oprah and so many others in the field of politics, sport , science , education ,medicine and entertainment . Let us not forget too all the mothers and grandmothers who are nurturing and educating the next generation.

The Fitness League , as a mostly womens organisation must reflect on the contribution of Mary Bagot Stack and her daughter Prunella. They established the league in 1925 and encouraged women to work together to empower one another by believing in themselves and working towards a common goal. Let us continue that philosophy.

Serena Williams said

The success of every woman should be an inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you are courageous, be strong, be extremely kind and above all be humble

The crowd at the Union Buildings on 9th August 1956 (Photo: Robben Island Mayibuye Archive)