Exercising During Lockdown

Jul 1, 2020 | Teacher's Corner

Life often throws us a curved ball and nothing could be more true than right now. Who would have thought that we would have to stay at home and cease all outside activities including our much anticipated and enjoyable weekly classes.

Exercise at home during lockdown

There are many exercises and ways to keep toned and fit at home even though we are allowed outside now and things are changing once again in the coming week.

What about the guy who ran a marathon on his 7m balcony or those who walked or jogged around their house or garden. If that’s not your “thing” you could give yourself a step session on any steps or stairs. Tap the step with alternative feet progressing to actually stepping up and then down again – repeat a few times. Stand sideways to the step and again step up and down then do squats with one foot on the step, both sides. One simple exercise gives the body a whole work-out – and that’s just sitting down, standing up a few times.

While you’re waiting for the kettle to boil (for the endless cups of tea) how about using the countertop (if needed) to do some squats, pliés, calf lifts (up on your toes and down again a few times), circle the ankles and point and stretch alternate feet – the trick is to keep mobile and not lose the level of fitness you had before lockdown. Don’t forget good posture whilst peeling and chopping.

Housework and gardening are good.  For floor work you could lie on your back and do crunches, pelvic work, leg lifts one at a time or both together with the hands under your bum to protect your back and not to forget doing planks even if for only a few seconds, in time you could build yourself up to a minute or more.

. . . alternatively or you could just look up some of our classes on Youtube choreographed by some of our Cape Town Teachers to keep you in touch with your Fitness League family. 

Happy Exercising!

 (Marguerite Swan)