7 Benefits of Group Exercise

Feb 18, 2022 | Teacher's Corner

Group exercise is any organized activity in which people work out as a group, and it has become very popular— both as a means to get in shape and as a way to meet others. It happens all over the place, from gyms to parks, and there is a diverse array of options to suit your objectives.

 Group exercise is an extremely effective way to get fit , lose weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. There are 7 main benefits of exercising in a Fitness League or other group exercise class;

1. The teachers are experts in their field

The teachers/ instructors will help and encourage you, unlike doing exercises on your own at home or at the gym. It is the next best thing to having a personal trainer (a lot cheaper too!

2. We work harder in classes

The teacher, encouraging from the front and the natural competitiveness from working in a group, results in us working harder. It is harder to skip the last 4 repeats when the others are pressing on!

3. Reduced risk of injury

The is less risk of injury as there is a qualified instructor checking on the participants and their form.

4. It makes exercising easy

The instructor plans the classes and ensures that all parts of the body are worked (the instructors try to vary classes regularly to keep participants interested and avoid boredom)!

5. Friendships are forged

Meeting up with the same group every week encourages relationships to develop -especially during this time of Covid -when meeting up is not always possible. There is a little pressure to show up, which is always good when coffee and lying on the couch feel like better options.

6. You will feel better due to the high Endorphin release

Endorphines are the ‘feel-good ‘hormones. The music, the teacher leading you, the effort you put in and the fact that you are in a group doing exercise all help your body to release more!

7. And lastly, it is fun!

The music and sometimes very , very simple dance moves all help to create an extremely beneficial and fun way of exercising.


Surround yourself with fitness-minded people. Positivity can be so contagious! 


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Group training benefits

(Caroline Bisset)