Reprinted by permission of Dr. Philip E. Humbert  There’s a secret to success: A few easy disciplines repeated every day. And a secret to failure: A few small mistakes repeated every day. That’s it folks!


If you want a great romance, do a few simple things, and do them every day. Whisper a few simple words. Practice a few small kindnesses. Take a moment to listen, to exchange a hug, a kiss, a tender look. Take a moment to smile when you meet. Show respect. Be patient. Be kind. This is not difficult! And, if you want to be stressed over money, that’s easy too! Just spend a little more than you make and repeat the process every day. A few extra purchases, repeated every day, will get you there. And that leads to the power of habits.

Almost everything we do is governed by our habits. We get up at certain times, we prepare for the day in certain ways. We wear certain clothes, we eat breakfast (or not) out of habit. We get to work the same way, and largely, we perform our work just about the same way, day after day, out of habit.

Here’s another great example: People read or don’t read out of habit. Almost everyone can read and almost everyone has access to a library or bookstore. Almost anyone can master any subject in a few short weeks or get the equivalent of a graduate education within a few years. But WHETHER we read (or not) is a primarily matter of the habits we choose. Almost everyone COULD exercise every day, and whether we do or not is primarily a matter of the habits we choose.

So, why not choose habits that support and encourage and strengthen us? Why not choose the BEST habits? High achievers cultivate winning habits. They have the HABIT of arriving for appointments on time. They have the HABIT of preparing for every presentation. They practice HABITS that support their health, their finances, and their life-time goals. It is always dangerous to make sweeping generalizations, so I say this with tons of respect for the exceptions out there, but I will say it anyway: Most of us have TERRIBLE habits. We are in the habit of watching too much television and eating too much bad food. We have habits of lethargy and comfort. We have habits that undermine our finances and limit our education. We have habits that are NOT taking us where we want to go.

If you want less stress, develop the habits of relaxation, meditation and calmness. If you want better relationships, develop habits that build deep, intimate and satisfying partnerships! This is not difficult! Develop the habits of success and you’ll get the results, every day.

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