It’s been well documented and proven that if we sign up for something with a friend, then we’re more likely to be committed and it’s no different than with our chosen exercise. If one doesn’t feel like attending we have our friend to think about and be motivated by not letting someone down. It’s much easier in summer with warm weather and light nights, the real challenge is winter when it is cold and dark.


Perhaps the hardest part is actually getting changed and once dressed in our exercise gear we’re half way there. It is also well known that we don’t want to go too far for our classes but if we have no option then taking it in turns to drive each other (or others) makes it easier. Once a routine has been established weather and seasons become irrelevant as we can actually look forward to our classes – perhaps it’s not just the class but also the social connection too. Indeed, our own organisation nurtures the social aspect.

Group exercising has many advantages as in sociability and also financial. A lot of the gyms (apart from some being expensive) are very impersonal – one just turns up, does one’s thing and leaves perhaps without anyone greeting you or stopping to have a chat. It’s amazing how the self confidence will grow if sticking to the same routine of attendance and improving our fitness levels over the months. The appeal of our particular exercise regime keeps many coming back for more.

The League is also non-judgemental – a gym can be a bit intimidating if one has a poor body image and not much confidence. People stopping exercise classes can be concerning but perhaps a phone call from the instructor to see if everything is alright could change things – one never knows the challenges that person has in their lives. A gym doesn’t really have that personal connection.

Hopefully our League members build a personal relationship with their instructor and make friends with other members often with life-long friendships forming.